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Sticks and Stones

Here we are, day 356 of quarantine? No, just me? Well today we wanted to talk about some really cool projects that we have been turning out of the woodshop recently!

While soap is our main seller, we are artisans of many things. Our current love is woodworking. We make pens, key fobs, chessboards and our followers favorite, bowls!

Here's a sneak peek of the fun we have! Julie on the lathe!

We've made yarn bowls and bowls for your keys and decorative bowls! Yay for bowls!

The coolest one that we've made recently is our segmented bowl! It's comprised of different species of wood that are cut into squares, glued together and sanded down to a fine grit. They're then finished up with either Danish oil for non food items and Salad bowl finish for anything that may have food or drink in it.

Here's this beauty from start to finish! You can find pieces like this and more in the wood section of our page!

We have more exciting products coming your way including pieces with gemstones inlaid into them!

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