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Mom Approved

Gluten and Nut Free

Simply Natural

Finding products that are as natural as possible has been quite the challenge for our family, with the allergies and sensitivities that we have.  So our journey started because we had no local resources to turn to for the products that we needed.  A basic necessity like soap was very difficult to find.  Having a background in basic chemistry- and a curious nature- led us to develop a soap that was skin friendly and pleasant to use.

Once we had a soap recipe that we (and our friends and customers) liked, we pushed on to develop other products in our line- using the same values that inspired our soaps:  Keep our products as natural as possible, sourced locally whenever we are able.  We aim to know the people that are raising the goats for the milk, or the beekeeper for the honey, and we render our own lard whenever possible.  The other ingredients that we cannot find locally, we try to ensure that they come from sustainable sources, and are environmentally conscious companies.  We all live on one earth, and try to make sure that we are leaving something better behind for our children and grandchildren.


We hope that you share our same goals and values.

Never Tested on Animals

Ourselves and our 3 daughters have done all of the original testing.   Now we have some wonderful friends that help us to develop and test our products to ensure that they meet our standards and quality goals.  We hope that you enjoy our products.  May they bring you peace of mind knowing that you have the most natural products that we can make.

Allergy Friendly

Our goal is to create products that are as allergy friendly as possible.  We have some unique allergies, and the original items that we created were based on that.  As time has passed, we have had requests based on other allergy requirements, like our Coco-Not line, which is coconut free.

Staying allergy friendly is the main reason that we chose to not use essential oils in the majority of our products.  There are many people that have an allergy to them.  We have some products that do use essential oils- for very specific reasons.  But most of our items are fragrance based, to keep them as hypo-allergenic as possible.

We aim to create quality items at an affordable price for all people, and if there is something that you are allergic to, let us know.  Maybe we can work something out for you.

Thank you for reading, and many blessing to you.

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