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From The Feathered Goat to TFG Soaps & Such a (shortish) Story


--From Desperation to Inspiration--

We moved to enchanted New Mexico in 2006 from Phoenix, AZ.  We soon discovered that our youngest daughter had eczema, and started to look for products that would help alleviate her symptoms.  We struggled to find anything that would help.  One of the doctors that we were seeing knew that we had goats, and suggested that we try to make our own goat milk products to see if that would help relieve her symptoms.

After some months of making new friends, hours of research and much trial and error, we found a successful recipe.  In our journey to a successful recipe, we found people that were interested in what we were creating if we could 'get it right.'  Finally we created a recipe we liked, and people started buying it from us.  It was then suggested to us that we should start selling at the local farmers markets, and did that for a couple of years. Then we started going to craft shows, and our  popularity increased.

We still go to craft shows, and now have a presence in various retail locations between Arizona and New Mexico, and look forward to helping people find products that work for them in more areas.

We aim to keep our products as natural and healthy as possible, putting our quality and customer's interests first.  Thank you for reading our story. We would love to get your comments and feedback so we can better take care of you-

our loyal friends and customers!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Peace be with you

Things That We Care About Most

Gluten Free
Nut Free
Happy Customers
Allergy Friendly
Hand Made
Sourcing From Small
Local Farms
Sustainable Sources
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