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Why "The Feathered Goat"?

I thought I'd start the blog off with a funny little story on the origin of our name!

When we were trying to come up with a name for our farm, we had about 20 chickens and 5 goats. The chickens were free range and were always riding on the backs of our goats or sleeping there. The goats had as many feathers in their hair as the chickens had. Hence the name "The Feathered Goat Farm"

Maddie and her Rooster are pictured below.

They're so cute aren't they?


Since you are probably reading this after visiting our main website, the purpose of this blog is to show you some of our ongoing projects in the making! TFG is so much more than just allergy friendly bath and body products. The "And Such" at the end defines our company as a whole. We are soapers, woodworkers, fiber artists, and bakers! I feel like we need to find a candlestick maker to add to the end! :P

Our reason for starting soap making was needing to find a solution for our youngest daughter who had eczema. Our doctor who knew we had goats suggested that we try to make goat's milk products to see if that would alleviate the symptoms. After hours of research and lots of trial and error, we finally came up with a successful recipe and have been selling our products at events in and around New Mexico ever since.

We are proud of our successes in creating an allergy friendly soap and have learned a lot about what makes a small business thrive. We hope you will enjoy our new adventure in the blogging world as well!

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